I don't play favorites. I'm passionate about working with people who care about what they do, and that extends into all aspects of my professional life. Whether it's helping small businesses build an online presence, sharing my love of typography with students, or designing something beautiful, I am all about sparking creativity and spreading happiness.

I make things pretty
…but I also make things functional.

I love to bring my sense of color, fonts, illustration, and design to a project. From clean and minimal to rich and detailed, it's my job to transform my clients' messages into something eye-catching.
A design is no good if it doesn't work. Organization, well-structured code, and consistency are important to me, and I'm always learning the latest techniques to make projects more efficient and easy to use.

I can help you solve problems

I work as one half of North X South and am the primary point of contact for graphic design and front-end web development.

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I love technology

My skills are pretty versatile, but these are a few of my favorite tools: